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Adonis, Drake’s 6-Year-Old Son, Drops Debut Song – Billboard

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Drake‘s kid is making music. Adonis, the rapper’s 6-year-old son with artist Sophie Brussaux, has a song out now, titled “My Man Freestyle.”

“Happy birthday my son…MY MAN FREESTYLE OUT NOW,” Drake wrote on Instagram Sunday night (Oct. 15), a few days after Adonis’ Oct. 11 birthday. He shared a clip of the track and its cute music video.

“My Man Freestyle,” with Adonis credited as a writer with producer Lil Esso, starts with a chorus. “Don’t talk to my man like that/ I like it when you like it/ My, my, my, my man/ My, my, my, my man,” Adonis says.


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On the track, Adonis describes a day leading up to a game: “I was waiting for this moment to arrive/ I was driving in the car and I smash my car/ I was playing in on my iPad and I broke my iPad/ I’m going to my house, seeing my dad/ I am saying hi to my dad and I have to go change/ I’m playing basketball.”

The accompanying music video, below, shows Adonis on the court and giving a pep talk to friends.

“We just have to work harder. We have to shoot better. We have to play better. Get your energy up,” he says to applause.

Dad Drake — who currently has the No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 — also makes an appearance toward the end of the clip.

Adonis recently co-starred in Drake’s “8AM in Charlotte” music video, which begins with a cute father-son conversation about Adonis’ artwork. When Drake asks his child how much he earned for his beautiful drawing, he laughs and says, “Oh please.” The visual for the For All the Dogs track was released in early October.

In September, Drake revealed that his son’s line-drawing of a red-eyed pooch would be the For All the Dogs cover art.

Check out Adonis’ “My Man Freestyle” below.

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