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Home » J Balvin ‘Proud’ of Britney Spears for Telling Her Story in Her Memoir – Billboard

J Balvin ‘Proud’ of Britney Spears for Telling Her Story in Her Memoir – Billboard

J Balvin has nothing but good things to say about Britney Spears, whose long-awaited memoir — The Woman in Me — arrived on Tuesday (Oct. 24).

The Latin pop star gushed to TMZ on Wednesday (Oct. 25) that he’s “really proud of” Spears for being so vulnerable in her book. “I think she’s amazing,” Balvin said. “I think she deserves the best.”

“She’s a woman that we have to have a lot of love and respect [for],” continued the “Mi Gente” musician. “She’s fired [up] the whole world at her peak, and I can’t wait for her to bring new music. I think we need her so much.”

Spears’ memoir dropped not long after she joined J Balvin and Maluma for drinks in New York City. In photos posted afterward on Maluma’s Instagram, the “Toxic” singer cuddled close with a smiling Balvin, who commented, “I can’t get over it.”

“I think she’s super strong,” he added to TMZ of the pop star. “I think she already has a [mental] shield. She knows what she’s doing, and the last time I saw her, she looks in a real, real good place in her mind to deal with everything.”

The “Que Pretendes” artist volunteered a lot less about Bad Bunny, who seemingly dissed his past collaborator on a song from his new album, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana. “You’ve seen me, I always walk with the same people/ While you are friends of the whole world like Balvin,” Bunny sings in Spanish on “Thunder Y Lightning.” 

Asked for comment about the alleged diss, Balvin simply told TMZ, “I’m all about love. I love the guy,” before getting in a car.

Balvin previously addressed the situation on Instagram Live after Nadie dropped, saying at the time, “The person I know is a great person. We supported each other mutually, we made history, we also created a new story within music. I don’t understand what was going through his head but well, the guy I know is a good person.”

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