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Home » Mac Royals and Rachele Nguyen’s Bee Gees Battle on ‘The Voice’ – Billboard

Mac Royals and Rachele Nguyen’s Bee Gees Battle on ‘The Voice’ – Billboard

One does not simply walk into a Bee Gees Battle. Clearly Mac Royals and Rachele Nguyen didn’t get the memo, as the Team Reba constants went toe-to-toe on NBC‘s The Voice, tackling one of the Bee Gees’ creamiest creations.


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See latest videos, charts and news

The singers’ path to the Battles round couldn’t have been more contrasting. Royals landed a four-chair turn; Nguyen caught the attention of just one coach, the country star Reba McEntire.

On the latest episode Tuesday night (Oct. 24), Royals and Nguyen brought game to the arena, the former displaying his legit soulman skillset, Nguyen showcasing her range and soloist talents.

“Guys, that was so good,” coach Niall Horan remarked. “To take on a song of that stature is brave of itself. I thought the two of you were fantastic.” Horan admitted she was better than he remembered, and she made him remember his error by not turning during the Blind Audition. “To be your age, at 17 and to have that composure, and will to go ‘go give me the biggest song you’ve got,’” he’d go with Nguyen, if the choice was his.

Gwen Stefani remarked on the warmth of Royals’ voice. It’s “buttery,” she enthused. As for Nguyen, “the things you can do with your voice and your instincts,” at her age, it’s “pretty magical.” She won’t choose because, well, she doesn’t have to.

John Legend paid tribute to the sound of Mac’s voice, “it’s so gorgeous. It is soulful and it has richness and character.” And Nguyen, “you were doing so many exciting things, so many cool musical choices and runs and things of that nature.” If Legend had to choose, he’d go with Mac.

The battle would “come down to how they touch my heart when they’re performing,” McEntire said during rehearsals.

In the end, the choice belonged to her. And she sided with Nguyen.

But wait, there’s more. Before Mac could say some parting words to his coach, Legend came through with the steal. It’s on.

Watch the Season 24 Battle below.

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