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Nicki Nicole Plays Fishing For Answers – Billboard

Nicki Nicole plays Fishing for Answers with Billboard backstage at Billboard’s Latin Music Week 2023.

Nicki Nicole:

Hello, everyone. I’m Nicki Nicole, and I’m here to answer questions with Billboard.

What’s your guilty pleasure food? I think it’s chicken supremes. They are quite popular in Argentina and honestly, when they’re fried, they aren’t that healthy, so that’s my guilty pleasure.

Let’s go to the next one! Let’s see… What was your most embarrassing moment on stage? I have quite a few, a collection of embarrassing moments on stage not because they happen, but because I look for them. But once I fell off a staircase, it was bad. I don’t think anyone saw me, but I believe they heard because the microphone was still on. I was fine, nothing happened but the front row people, I think they saw me, and when I came out, some looked concerned, others were laughing but it was all good. I was a little embarrassed.

What’s your secret talent? I’m not sure if it’s a talent, but I have some really good jokes. I love making people laugh and if I have to make someone laugh, I can do it.

What’s the best concert you have attended? Do I have to pick just one? I have two. Kendrick Lamar’s at Lollapalooza in Paris and Rosalía’s at the Movistar Arena in Argentina. For me, they’re at the top.

Someone who has impacted me? Yes. Once, behind the scenes at an awards show, I met Thalia. I hadn’t met her in person, and I was quite impressed, to be honest. She was very beautiful, and also she was walking, and I was like, “Wow.” I didn’t even know how to walk in heels at that time, imagine that so, I saw her and said, “Wait, what?!” She left a big impression on me.

Watch the full video above!

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