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The Album’ at 2023 BBMAs – Billboard

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Mark Ronson accepts the top soundtrack award for Barbie: The Album at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards Presented by Marriott Bonvoy.

Mark Ronson: Thank you to the Billboard Music Awards for recognizing Barbie for top soundtrack. It was such an honor to work on this project. It was basically a dream job working with Greta Gerwig and some of the greatest artists and songwriters around, and maybe even more exciting was just seeing how the fans took the music to heart. Going to see the movie in the theaters and watching people singing along, I mean, it was such an incredible thing, the way that the music and the film just became this, this wonderful thing together. I have to thank, of course, Atlantic Records and Warner Brothers and Mattel, but this very beautiful gold microphone is just for me.

Watch the full video above!

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