Unveiling the Stories Behind My Tattoos: A Journey of Identity and Faith

Navigating the intricate tales behind my tattoos reveals a journey of self-discovery, faith, and unexpected connections. Each inked design carries a profound narrative, intertwining personal experiences with beliefs that have shaped the course of my life.

The Enchantment of Innocence: A Wolf’s Charmed Call

A Unique Fascination

In the eyes of most toddlers, a snarling wolf might evoke fear, but not in my daughter’s case. Her favorite pastime involves playfully tugging at my shirt’s neckline, fixating on my chest tattoo depicting a formidable wolf encircled by fragments of swords, shields, and treasure. Her curiosity transforms into awe as her tiny fingers trace the image, a testament to the magical allure that tattoos can hold.

From Childhood Play to Lifelong Symbols

A Journey Rooted in Innocence

As a child, temporary tattoos were my playground companions, a whimsical contrast to my present-day commitment to ink. But back then, these playful imitations had to vanish by Sunday—church mornings mandated no marks of the “pagan” world. Ironically, my parents had a premonition that tattoos would weave their way into my story someday.

Unexpected Choices: From Skepticism to Sleeves

Defying my parents’ predictions, I embarked on a journey that led to a three-quarter sleeve and an intricate tapestry of ink stretching across my ribcage, chest, and arms. The irony deepens as my life, once marked by skepticism, now proudly exhibits my faith through a collection of tattoos.

An Unconventional Faith: A Glimpse into My Beliefs

Embracing Complexity: The Paradox of Identity

My identity doesn’t conform to conventional expectations. My affinity for black attire and heavy metal music might seem incongruous with my role as a licensed minister overseen by an ethics board. This blend of contradictions paints a truer picture of the multi-dimensional nature of faith and human experience.

Tattoos as Portals: Sharing Stories and Beliefs

Each tattoo etched onto my skin offers a gateway to stories that encapsulate pivotal moments in my life. These narratives serve as threads that unite us, transcending boundaries and fostering connections. By sharing these stories, I aim to bridge the gap between the superficial and the profound, inviting readers to explore both my inked tales and my convictions.

Stories Carved in Ink: The Meanings Behind the Art

The Wolf: A Name’s Hidden Significance

My tattoo of a wolf pays homage to my name, Benjamin, which in Hebrew translates to “favored son” or “son of the right hand.” The biblical prophecy of Jacob over his son Benjamin mirrors my journey—a warrior’s path in the military, followed by combating mental health stigmas in a nonprofit setting.

The Angel & Demon: A Father’s Prophetic Vision

A dream my father had about me during my time in Iraq left an indelible mark. As I faced intense mental struggles and spiritual battles, his dream became a poignant metaphor. Demons and an angel symbolize the challenges I encountered, and the angel’s intervention foreshadowed my eventual transformation, from brokenness to healing.

Return of the King: A Vision of Hope

Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings,” my tattoo echoes the theme of redemption and restoration. The return of a King in Tolkien’s narrative reflects the hope embedded in my faith. Amidst a world tainted by division, suffering, and injustice, this tattoo serves as a reminder that ultimate healing is on the horizon.

Beyond Tattoos: A Glimpse into Beliefs and Writing

A Glimpse into Beliefs and Identity

While tattoos provide a window into my journey, they don’t define me entirely. As a writer, my beliefs and experiences flow seamlessly into my work, influencing the stories I choose to tell. Our beliefs shape us, and in the realm of writing, they emerge organically, weaving threads of conviction into every word penned.

Writing with Hope: Sharing a Journey

My tattoos and writing converge to create a tapestry of hope. Just as each tattoo harbors its unique tale, my words aim to resonate with readers on a profound level. Regardless of beliefs, my hope is that my writing empowers, instills perseverance, and unveils the depth of meaning that lies within every individual.

Ink and stories, faith and identity—the fusion of these elements paints a portrait of a life illuminated by transformative experiences. My tattoos are not mere adornments; they embody my personal evolution and my commitment to hope, healing, and connection.

“Can a man die and yet not only live in others but give them life, and not only life, but that great consciousness of life?” — Jack Kerouac

So, as you delve into my stories and inked revelations, I invite you to embrace your own narrative, find solace in shared experiences, and uncover the boundless power of hope.

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